October 2015 Goals

October 2015 Goals Here we go again. I’m hoping to keep my mojo going from last months successful outing where i hit more than 70% of my goals for the month. Thats a hell of an accomplishment to me as I usually try and stretch them quite a bit, and more often than not we get blindsided with some event that prevents me from doing a handful of them (others are just laziness). October should be fun, as I love

September 2015 Goals – Review

September 2015 Goals – Review Happy October everyone! Man, fall came in a hurry. I’m sitting here typing this in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, wondering if I may be putting on my slippers soon. Of course, a little bit of chill in the air won’t be slowing me down a bit. I still plan on getting outside for an hour a day, doing the majority of my local trips by bike, visiting the zoo…etc. Just because its cold outside is

To Daycare or Not? Our $150,000 decision

To Daycare or Not? Our $150,000 decision Mr. & Mrs. Long Term Mindset are the happy, proud parents of 3 beautiful children. They are a hell of a lot of work to raise, but its hard to overstate just how much we love them. We decided to have kids relatively young in our lives (we were 28 when our oldest was born), as we wanted to be young enough to be active with them, and since we think super long-term,

A Lesson Learned From Mark Zuckerberg

A Lesson Learned From Mark Zuckerberg Love him or hate him, Mark Zuckerberg is most certainly an interesting dude. He now ranks as one of the wealthiest people on the face of the planet, and his social network, Facebook, counts nearly 1 billion users that visit the site each day, and nearly 1.5 billion people connect with FaceBook each month. Crazy, right? I think FaceBook’s story of how it rose to the top is simply fascinating, and I’m firmly in the “love him” camp,

An email to a friend

An email to a friend I took a nice hike this weekend with my family a long-time friend who recently had a child. We visited a  beautiful little stretch of land in my town that includes a secluded wooded trail that at the end offers visitors a great little beach area for the kids to play. On the hike we were chatting about our lives, and she happened to mention to me that she was thinking about getting her financial

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