Answering the Income Surfer Call

Earlier this month my friend Brian from Income Surfer nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger award, and asked me to answer a handful of fun questions. Here goes. 1.  Name the top three experiences from your past, that help form who you are today.                 Wow, getting personal right away, eh? Lets see…..well, I guess its best to start with ‘who I am today’ and work backwards from there in order to best

A Foolish Update

A Foolish Update You may have noticed recently that my posting recently have been, well, un-regular. Whenever I see a blog stop updating itself I always wonder if the blogger simply lost interest, which happens a lot, and I tend to wipe them from my monthly reading list. If you’ve been wondering if that is happening to me, fear not, for I’m as active as I’ve ever been on the web…..its just that you probably don’t know where to find me.

August 2015 Goals

August 2015 Goals This should be a most interesting of months for me, as for the first time I will not have the incredible time suck that is school hanging over my head all month long. I’m hoping that I can seriously re-focus my efforts on my writing, and get to cranking out a great many paid articles. Beyond professional writing, I want to also make sure I blog at least once a week here as well. Sharing my thoughts

July 2015 Goals – Review

July 2015 Goals – Review Not gonna lie……July was a pretty awesome month. Despite the fact that I didn’t post at all to my site (apologies) I’ve been super busy with life in general, and my overall writing is at an all time high.  I’ve been cranking out articles for my favorite financial site, the motley fool, which has been great fun and is where you will now find me sharing most of my financial related thoughts. I also was

July 2015 Goals

July 2015 Goals I’ve been off grid for the last few days, enjoying some time up in New Hampshire with the family and ‘rents.  We had an awesome time, as its a great time to be in NH with the cool weather and low humidity. Much to my surprise, I came back and loaded the site to find out that one of my articles was featured in Rock Star Finance!  That should make hitting that goal for the month easy.

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