To MBA Or Not? Here’s Why I decided To Go For It

To MBA Or Not? Here’s Why I decided To Go For It One big question that many working professionals ask themselves is whether or not they should pursue higher education. Almost immediately after graduating with my undergraduate degree I was asked by family and friends if I was going to pursue my MBA. At the time I had no interest in doing so. After all, I’d just been in school for 16 years straight and was ready to start earning a

The Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call Sometimes inspiration can comes from the places that you least expect. That’s good, as when life is going good it’s all too easy to fall into a routine and slowly have laziness creep into your life. That’s been my situation for the past few months. Although I’ve been busy cranking out articles for the Motley Fool at a furious pace (some of which have been featured on USA Today, Fox Business, and CNN), I’ve largely been overly lazy during

November 2015 Goals

November 2015 Goals I freaking love November! The air has a bit of a chill, yet its still plenty nice enough to spend time outside. I also am one of those weirdo’s that actually enjoy’s raking leaves, if for not other reason that its tremendous fun to watch your kids jump in the piles. Plus, there are plenty of excuses to have a fire outside (always a good time), and its the beginning of hot cocoa season. Mix in Thanksgiving

October 2015 Goals – Review

October 2015 Goals – Review Well…this is overdue. Earnings season is in full blast, and I’ve been cranking out articles for the Motley Fool like a mad man (23 since Nov 1st alone!). Hopefully you’ve been following me on twitter to keep up and are enjoying earnings season as much as I do. October was a most pleasant month in more ways that one. First off, the big news. I’M DONE WITH MY MBA 3 years of work to get

Stretching Your Remodeling Dollar

I’m currently in the middle of finishing up a remodel of our downstairs bathroom / laundry room, and as usual with any home improvement project have hit several roadblocks that are costing us extra time and money. We reached out to our friends over at the Dollar Stretcher for some tips and tricks on how to make my remodeling dollar go as far as possible and they agreed to let me share a post by Cheryl Wright from their site for LTMS readers. Take it

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