The spending fast

The spending fast I’ve been reading a few books by uber cheapskate Jeff Yeager recently, and I must say they are quite enjoyable. You may have seen Jeff on the TV show Extreme Cheapskate, or perhaps on the today show exposing advice on how to save money. I find Jeff to be a funny guy, and while I’d never try many of his crazy money saving antics (no thanks to homemade deodorant), he does offer some practical advice that is worth

Play more games

Play more games “I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” – Steven Wright I love games. Board games, video games, apps, drinking games, ping pong, pool, darts……the list goes on and on. One of the goals that I have set for myself in the coming year is to play more games.  Games are a great way to pass the time with friends, as it gives everyone something to focus on, which helps keep the conversation flowing.

Money Lessons 7: Winners keep on winning

Money Lessons 7:  Winners keep on winning “And, by the way, the bulk of the billions in Berkshire Hathaway has come from the better businesses. … And most of the other people who’ve made a lot of money have done so in high-quality businesses.” — Charlie Munger Take a quick glance at my portfolio, and you will see a good indication of what I expect to see over the coming decades ahead. Some stocks up big, some down.  Many are treading water fairly close

The best version of myself

The best version of myself I like to think in 5 year chunks of time. While most people in the world are focused on what is happening right now, you can gain a long term edge by simply zooming out and expanding your time horizon. If you learn to apply this framework of thinking to every day life, then you will notice your decisions will slowly start to change for the better. Instead of asking yourself if you should buy a new car, if you

Ask the dividend bloggers: Round 2

Ask the dividend bloggers: Round 2 A few months back, I reached out several of my dividend blogger friends and asked them to recommend a stock for 2015.  A few bloggers offered up their best idea at the time, and I created a simple spreadsheet to track our results.   Here is how that is looking now:       Pretty sweet!  As of today, we are more than 3% ahead of the market over just a 3 month period!

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