The Spending Freeze Failure

The Spending Freeze Failure Well….my first attempt at going a whole week without spending any money has turned out to be a complete failure. Turns out that my heart was in the right place, as trying to make it a whole week without ANY money leaving my wallet is a good goal to have. I liked the idea after reading about it in “The Ultimate Cheapskate“, and figured I would try and give it a try this month.   Well, turns

Killing my electric bill

Killing my electric bill Despite some decent efforts to contain our energy usage, our electric bill remains stubbornly high. After a crazy 37% increase in the year over year cost of electricity that my energy provider was allowed to pass along (National Grid), my bill now consistently tops $140 or more per month! As you can imagine, I find this situation unacceptable, and am actively seeking alternatives. The crazy thing here is that we really don’t feel like we use a

My advice to new graduates: Learn from my mistakes

My advice to new graduates: Learn from my mistakes 11 years ago this month, I graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut. I had an absolute blast in college, as I meet a ton of great people whom I still count as close friends to this day, despite the fact that none of us live anywhere near each other.  Thankfully, fantasy football makes it easy for us all to keep in touch on a regular basis. The past 11 years

May 2015 Goals

May 2015 Goals As usual, I have a busy month set for myself with plenty of achievable and stretch goals lined up. You may notice that some goals are slightly less hardcore than they would otherwise be this month, as I’m in Clearwater Beach on vacation for 9 days this month, and thus will only have about 2/3rd’s of my normal month to try and accomplish my goals. Some I’ll be able to tackle while down here, others I won’t.

April 2015 Goals – Review

April 2015 Goals – Review Hello from beautiful Clearwater beach! For the second year in a row we have traveled to Clearwater, FL with my wife’s family for an extended stay at the beach.  We had such a great time last year, and found the townhouse we rented from VRBO to be ideal for our families needs (we have 5 kids under age 5 between all the families!).  Hot tub, playground, groceries, and beach access are all on site or within

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