July 2015 Goals – Review

July 2015 Goals – Review Not gonna lie……July was a pretty awesome month. Despite the fact that I didn’t post at all to my site (apologies) I’ve been super busy with life in general, and my overall writing is at an all time high.  I’ve been cranking out articles for my favorite financial site, the motley fool, which has been great fun and is where you will now find me sharing most of my financial related thoughts. I also was

July 2015 Goals

July 2015 Goals I’ve been off grid for the last few days, enjoying some time up in New Hampshire with the family and ‘rents.  We had an awesome time, as its a great time to be in NH with the cool weather and low humidity. Much to my surprise, I came back and loaded the site to find out that one of my articles was featured in Rock Star Finance!  That should make hitting that goal for the month easy.

June 2015 Goals – Review

June 2015 Goals – Review Man, I love this time of year. Up in Rhode Island, this is a great season.  The heat hasn’t come yet, the humidity is tame, yet its warm enough to have a squirt gun fight or take a easy trip to the beach or zoo.  Wearing shorts and a simple t-shirt will get you through most days with ease, and a simple fan in your face at night will keep you nice and cool. Of

The birthday party gift solution

The birthday party gift solution My kids are spoiled. Sure, they enjoy many of the spoils that come with growing up in the richest country in history that many of us take for granted, like access to unlimited food, water, heat, cooling, transportation, health care….you know the list. Beyond that, they are spoiled even further, with two loving parents who remain happily married, 4 grandparents who they get to see quite often, and an ever growing list of cousins that

Why I Like Low Dividend Yield Stocks

Why I Like Low Dividend Yield Stocks This past week I had the pleasure of having my first ever guest post published by my friends over at Modest Money. The topic I decided to explore for them was why I like to favor low yielding stocks like Mastercard and Starbucks over some more traditional dividend paying stocks like Wells Fargo and McDonalds. Check it our here, and have a great weekend!  

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