Products I love

Products I love

I try to be as much of a minimalist as I can, so I’m not really a big fan things unless they add much more value to my life than the cost to purchase them.

Finding items that meet this criteria is rare, which is why the list below is so small (and not filled with useless crap).

I fully stand by everything on this list below and use these items daily.  All are well built, durable, and their cost per use is extremely low. (Note that some of these links are through affiliate programs)


Recommended Plugins:

  • Comment Luv (to encourage other bloggers to comment)
  • Google Analytics (for diving deeper into who your readers are)
  • Mail Poet (for emailing subscribers)
  • ShareThis (for allowing readers to easily share you content)
  • WordPress SEO (simple and effective for increasing SEO ratings)
  • WP-Cache (for speeding up your site)


  • My Toyota Prius V can easily fit my family of 5 (including 3 car seats)
  • We also drive a 2002 Honda CR-V.  Going strong after 13 years of use and easily fit our whole family + stuff on road trips
  • Purchasing a used bike on Craigslist is also a great way to greatly reduce the need to bike



  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Movies
  • The library
  • HDTV Antenna (we get 5 local stations where I live)



Credit cards:

  • Capital One Quicksilver rewards – (1.5% cash back on everything)
  • Discover card (1% cash back on most things, 5% on rotating categories)


  • Interactive Brokers (an advanced platform that I use, not for beginners)
  • Scottrade (I used Scottrade for years when I first started.  A great platform)
  • Vanguard (Super cheap, super simple, I love this company)


Selling stuff:

Stock market research

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