Short term Goals (recent months)

Medium Term Goals (2015)

  • Travel to Florida to visit family
  • Trip to Motley Fool investing conference
  • Complete MBA
  • Trip to Maine
  • Trip to NYC
  • Run at least 6 5k’s

Long Term Goals (Lifetime)

  • Paid off mortgage
  • Live 100% carbon free (generate more clean power that I consume in all sources)
  • 50% of income sent to investment activities
  • Passive income greater than monthly expenses
  • 3 happy, healthy kids through college
  • Teach kids about money
  • Travel to all 48 continental US states by car/RV
  • Extra in a movie
  • North America:  Bar Harbor, Niagara Falls, Badlands, Zion, Santa Barbara, Portland OR, Vancouver, Santa Fe, Bar Harbor, Michigan Coast, Hilton Head, Mississippi River, Austin TX
  • Visit Germany, Azores, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Spain, Iceland, England, Scotland, Ireland, France
  • Complete MBA
  • Retire by 35


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