Finding Free Money Transfer to India

Those who have to send money to India regularly will find it very advantageous to find an option of free money transfer to India. The advantage of technology has provided many chances for people to fulfill their needs in the most easily and efficient way, including in sending money to their families or colleagues overseas. Now you don’t have to deal with long queue and high charges from banks with the availability of online money transfer to India as provided by ICICI bank. If the traditional way of transferring money to India will make you have to wait for several days or even weeks until the money arrived to the recipient. The wire money transfer will only take 48-96 hours until the entire process is completed.

The other advantage of wire money transfer as provided by ICICI bank is that there is no any maximum limit of money that you want to transfer. This is definitely better than money order which has maximum limit of $1000 for one time transfer. There is also an option of free DD issued remittance payable anywhere in India for this free money transfer to India. The minimum amount of transfer to be able enjoying this advantage is $1000. This option is also free to be transferred in 30 other banks in India. However, there will be a little charge for the money transfer if the amount of the money is less than $1000.

The other option you can consider for money transfer to India is remit2india. This wire transfer can help you send money from any local bank to India by sending the money to account first which will then be deposited to the receiver’s bank account. There are more than 54 banks available for this free money transfer to India option with the upper limits which up to $7.500.

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