Can You Pay IRS with a Credit Card?


When it comes to IRS, sometimes, many people are troubled by how to deal with the payment. And that trouble is more than enough to make the people feel rather unwilling to cope with the whole IRS tax matters. This kind of condition is surely not good. As good citizens, we surely have the obligation to pay the tax. But it’s quite understandable how the people are rather “lazy” to do it because of the quite troublesome payment method. If things can be made a lot much easier, it’s almost certain that the people are going to handle their IRS taxes more willingly.

To tell you the truth, basically the government has tried their best to make everything as easy as possible for the people including the matters related to the IRS taxes. It’s just most people are too lazy to find out the easier way and they just simply say that things are going to make them overwhelmed whenever they want to handle the payment of their IRS. Here, you are going to learn that it’s actually really possible to cope with the payment by using your credit card. Sure, you can answer “yes” to the question of can you pay IRS with a credit card and you really need to know even further about this payment method as it will make everything easier for you.

  • Using Third-party Payment Processor

The government has accepted third-party processor to process the payment of your IRS. It’s actually not so hard for you to find out the third-party processor. All you need to do is to seek around you. Just make sure you use the right and proper service. There are some chances that you will be the victim of fraud if you are using the improper service. Try to learn some information first so you will not make such mistake. Once you have figured it out, you will find everything a lot much easier. However, you must also realize that there is a convenience fee you should pay for such service. Well, the fee is not really that high and it’s totally worth the convenience you get in dealing with your IRS. So you should give this method a try and see how simple it can be.

  • Using E-filing

In case you have the IRS and you are trying to deal with the e-filing, you may notice that the method may be quite confusing. Well, here’s the explanation of what you should do. During the e-filing process, you should select the option which says “charge my credit card”. This option should appear whenever you are trying to pay the federal taxes. If you are not sure where you can find such options, it should appear in the “File” section. Just simply choose that option and everything related to your e-filing will be done.

  • Additional Information to Know

You must understand that if you want to enjoy credit card payment option (which should also work for your debit card), it’s only available in TurboTax whenever you e-file your federal has returned. But, if you are paper-filing your return, you should also know that there is a workaround for this.

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