Bank of America Money Market Rates

A good investor will assess various rates on their investment plan such as the Bank of America money market rates so they can make good decision on it. With the convenience offered by money market, many people start to consider it as the main option of investment to make. It is mostly because money market saving account provides easy procedure to invest, get the interest, and withdraw the money. This is why; many people with limited amount of money to be invested consider it as their top priority of investment.

With only $1,000 to open an account, you will be able to start investing on Bank of America saving account which has high yield with only $2,500 required as the daily balance. Compared to other investment option, it is quite friendly to be applied by investors since they can easily withdraw some of the money from the account without too much difficulty. Bank of America money market rates also has many features which make it more valuable compared to other investment option. The first one is the tiered interest rate which will help you get more interest when you increase your account balance. Unlimited withdrawal from ATM is also available for you in case you have urgent needs which cannot be delayed.

The other advantage you can enjoy is the availability of online banking facility to make your transaction and monitoring activities becomes easier and more convenient. Monthly maintenance fees will only be charged if you cannot maintain the minimum balance in your account. Of course, you have to make some comparison first with other money market rates before making any decision, but with 2.97% for less than $2,500 and 5.20% of interest rates for $ 2,500 – $ 9,999, it will be quite difficult to find a better offer than the Bank of America money market rates can provide.

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