My Favorite Articles Of The Past Week


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Here’s a few articles that I read over the past week that I loved.

Morgan Housel – Explaining Investing In Ways That Make Sense

I pretty much read everything that Morgan writes. You should too.

Chelsea German – The Middle Class Shrinks as the Number of High Income Households Grows

We’ve all heard about the death of the middle class, but this data shows this might not be be for the reason that we all assume (the data presented here pleasantly surprised me!)


What an impressive story. Justin, like so many other PF bloggers that I follow, are my personal heros. Please, keep inspiring me!

Travis Hoium – Why Corporate America’s Love of Renewable Energy Should Terrify Traditional Utilities

Are you a fan of renewable energy? This is a great article that shows why some of America’s biggest companies are pushing hard to adopt renewable power, much to the chagrin of utilities.

Evan Nui – Uber Is Now Actively Preying On the Poor

We all love (and probably use) Uber, but the company’s recent push to offer financing deals to its own drivers should raise some eyebrows.

Alyce Lomax – It’s a Crucial Year to Address Climate Change in Our Portfolios

Alice does a great job talking about upcoming shareholders votes to deal with climate change. Believe it or not, 94 total shareholder proposals have been submitted seeking company action to deal with climate change this year, a new record!

Noah @ Money Meta Game – Is Anyone Actually Saving Money By Travel Hacking?

Gulp. I’ve become a big fan of travel hacking. Am I actually saving myself money, or am I delusional?

Michael Douglass – The New $17 Billion Market You’ve Probably Never Heard of (and 3 Stocks Poised to Profit)

Michael does a deep dive into the upcoming world of bio-similiars, a healthcare market that is poised for fast growth and could save us billions. He even offers up three companies to invest in that are leading the charge.

Evan Niu – This Is How Little Government Support Tesla Motors Actually Receives

Evan covers all of the government money that Tesla Motors has ever received. It’s a far lower number that you would believe if you only read the headlines about Tesla (and was even retweeted by Elon Musk himself!)

What I’ve been up to:

Interest in what I’ve been up to recently? Here’s a few of my favorite articles that I’ve played a part in over the last few weeks.

Bull Vs. Bear: Teligent – An interesting small-cap growth story. I’m the bull here.

Where Will Intuitive Surgical Be in 10 Years? – One of my favorite growth stocks of all time. Where is this company heading?

3 Reasons Warren Buffett Should Buy CVS Health – This seems like a classic Buffett investment.

3 Dividend Aristocrats to Buy in June – Dividends, dividends, dividends!




Disclosure: I own shares of Tesla Motors and Intuitive Surgical. Find all of my portfolio holdings here. Follow me on Twitter where I goes by the handle @Longtermmindset or connect with me on LinkedIn.



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