My favorite articles of the past week


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Here’s a few great articles that I read over the past week that I really enjoyed. Perhaps you’ll find them interesting, too.

Chelsea German – We’re Living Longer Lives Than Ever

I always enjoy reading positive articles on humanities progress.

Morgan Housel – How to Fail Well

The more I learn about Amazon the more impressed I become.

Travis Hoium – 1 Big Oil Company That’s Making Climate Change a Priority

Big oil investing in renewable energy? At least one company gets the picture.

Income Surfer – Why We Usually Travel Slowly

I concur that if you can afford to take the slow road on a vacation, you should do so.

Billy Murphy – Why $0/hr work is the most profitable work there is

I love this way of thinking.

What I’ve been up to:

Interest in what I’ve been writing recently? Here’s a handful of articles that I’ve played a part in over the last few weeks.

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