April 2015 Goals

April 2015 Goals

IMG_0261The snow is finally melting.

The sun is shining outside.

Time to get off my lazy ass and ride my bike!

I was able to crank out a few miles towards the end of last month (and met my goal), but a measly 29 miles on the bike won’t get me in shape anytime soon.  I’ve cranked up my fitness goals for the month, and added some new categories to keep me motivated, so I look forward to greatly increasing my success rate in the coming month.



Financial goals

– Keep grocery bill under $850

– Keep utility bills (gas, electric, water, trash) under $400

Health goals

– Consume bowl of mixed nuts and/or collard greens every working day

– Have a salad with dinner at least 2x a week

– Run/Walk/Bike bike for at least 60 miles (up 40)

– 1,500 pull ups (Up another 300!)


– Reorganize basement

– Catalog all plug in electronic components costs

– Organize computer hard drive

– Investigate new electricity provider


– Complete presentation and finish current class

Blog goal

– At least 10 posts (up 6)

– 3,000 total page views

– Publish first post on seeking alpha

– Do another dividend blog round up

– Complete review of Ting

– Review Glyde / Gazelle

– Simplify the look of the blog

– Update the resources page


– Take next step with potential future employer

– Phone conversations with at least 5 former colleagues

Fun goals

– Every weekend have a social engagement

– 1 Night/day out with Mrs. Long Term

– Read 2 new books (up 1)

– Take children to 2 birthday parties

– Connect with 1 new family for a play date

– Connect with 3 long distance friends by phone

– Purchase Bouncy house for kids birthday party

– Visit the Zoo

– Complete and file taxes (perhaps this shouldn’t be in the ‘fun’ list)

– Take kids to easter egg hunt at local farm

Growing my Mustache muscles

– 25 hours maximum TV/Movie time

– Go for a walk at night at least 1X per week

– All electronic’s off by 9:30 PM every night, except if watching movie on weekend

– All trips to post office, library, Walmart or grocery store are to be performed on my bike only

– Maximum 750 miles driven in my car

– Start a compost pile


– Desert – 20 times or less

– Beer – 10 beers or less

– Eat out for lunch 1 time or less (down 1)

– Read at least 15 times before bed

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