Hi there, I’m Brian.

familyThanks for checking out my blog.

I’m a 33 year old husband and father of 2 3 beautiful children.   I consider myself to be incredibly lucky, as I was brought up in a wonderful family, found my dream girl early, and have 3 happy, healthy children.  My wife and I both work full time jobs, and have been able to afford ourselves a nice middle class life.

For years I worked at a job that I wasn’t passionate about because I felt trapped. My family depended on my income to give us the life that we want, and yet every day I found it harder and harder every day to leave in the morning. Thankfully, that all changed in early 2015 as my company was in the middle of a huge transition and I was shown the door. While it SUCKED at the time, it ended up being one of the best things that has ever happened to me, as I’ve since landed my dream job and I now work from home.

Thankfully, we had be smart with our finances for years, as I had been searching for a way to grow wealthy over time, with the goal of being financial secure enough to retire far earlier than normal.

The first book that opened my eyes to this being a possibility was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.   This book was given to me as a gift by my dad, who read it and suggested I read it as well.  I devoured it, finishing it in literally days.  This book explained in plain english the basics of how the rich think differently about money than the rest of us, and they use this mindset to free themselves from the rat race.  One of they most important take aways from the book is that the rich don’t work for money.  Money works for them.

As soon as I read that, I was blown away.  I always thought you went to school, got a job, and then worked hard until retirement at age 65.

I had to learn more.

I started devouring every resource on money and personal finance that I could get my hands on so I could learn to free myself from the 8-6 lifestyle.

After years of trial and error, I finally have settled on a money management strategy that I think is ideal for achieving my goals.

Since my time that I could invest was limited, I decided to focus my efforts on creating wealth in the stock market.  I love the fact that when I buy a stock, I’m done!  All I have to do is sit on my butt, and monitor the business’s progress at my leisure!  Easy!

But if it’s that easy, why don’t more people do it?

While you can come up with a nearly endless amount of reasons, I think they all boil down to one truth:  Most people lack a good financial education.  

I know first hand that if you are unfamiliar with investing that it can be very intimidating.

Most people look at the stock market the same way the look at the casino, that it’s all luck and you need to time the market to win.  Or perhaps they’ve read a book or head a news broadcast claiming that the market is rigged against you.


It’s never, ever, been a better time to be an individual investor!  

We have access to more information and low cost tools to get us invested properly for the long term.

This is where I think I can add the most value to your life.

I’ve spent years pouring over investment books, studying business, and learning about the stock market.  I’ve made tons of mistakes, and I’ve learned an incredible amount along the way.

The goal of my blog is threefold.

1) To help my readers get started with investing

2) To help my readers develop a long term, owner oriented mindset

3) To share tips and tricks on daily living along the way.


Thanks for taking this journey with me.