2 Ways to Get Credit Card for Someone with No Credit History


Getting loan, or simply to get credit card is something quite wanted and desired by the people at this recent time. It’s all related to the fact that those things can really help someone’s personal finance. However, almost all the time, to get the loan or credit card is not as easy as it sounds. Many people who are trying to get those things for the first time need to go home with biting their own fingers because they are only disappointed instead of getting what they want. For you who are not really aware about the requirements in getting credit card or loan, well, you need to know that you will want to have credit history.

Why Do You Need Credit History?

You must understand that the services which are going to give you the loan or credit card need to make sure that your financial condition is good enough. They don’t want to give the loan or credit card to the people who are not strong financially. And related to such matter, it doesn’t mean that you must not have any debt at all before you can be called as financially strong. Sometimes, to have debts is still okay as long as you have good credit history. That is why it can be quite tricky if you don’t have credit history yet you want to get loans or credit card. There is no other way for you to get them unless you start building your own credit history. But, then again, you may not really understand what to do to make sure you can do it properly because, well, it can be quite troublesome and confusing. There are several people out there who end up making mistakes instead of building credit history because they barely know what to do. Well, the following is the right ways for you to cope with it so you can get credit card for someone with no credit history later on.

  • Apply for Secured Credit Card

This kind of method is the right and most proper initial way for you to star building your own credit history. If you are not really familiar with such term, well, you can imagine about a kind of credit card with a secured method which is usually in the form of cash you need to pay upfront. Of course, there are still some differences you will find from this kind of credit card compared to the regular credit card. But, you will find it really useful to help you build your own credit history.

  • Apply for Credit-build Loan

Yes, just like what it sounds, you can get a kind of loan which is intended to help you build your credit. It’s not really complicated and it is also effective in giving you credit history. The way this works is actually really simple because you get the money which is usually still held by the lenders and you can only get the cash released when you have repaid the loan.

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